In need of repairs or maintenance?

My IT expertise is at your service. To make things simple, computer repair work divided into two categories: software and hardware repairs.
There are no hidden fees nor call-out charges.

Software repairs / €50

Any software related problem solved with one simple flat rate. Software are all your programs you have on your computer.
Some of the common issues are:

  • viruses, trojans and other malware
  • error messages
  • driver failures
  • OS crashing
  • noticeably slow computer
Some of the issues may be fixed remotely. Usually I offer windows re-installation if there are multiple problems on one PC.

Hardware repairs / €50 + parts

Usually you would not be able to start your computer if it’s a hardware problem. Once issue diagnosed, I can estimate replacements cost.
Common replacements are:

  • hard drives
  • RAM modules
  • laptop keyboards
  • LCD screens
  • DC power jacks
Once repairs are over, I will test system to make sure everything works as intended. Driver and other software installation is included in price.

Don’t worry if your problem is not listed.

Just contact me and I will help you out. Call 083 1199 267 or email me at

IT solutions for businesses

I offer system administrator services on a contract basis. Capable to work alone or in a team. Able to provide technical support on-site and remotely.
Some of my work routine include:

  • computer system assessment and evaluation
  • repairs and troubleshooting
  • IT management and maintenance
  • system upgrades
  • Employes and customers technical support and guidance